A Twinkle in Her Eyes

There's a little girl named Lilian in Tanzania
who has strabismus -crossed eyes.
In the US her treatment would be simple, easy
and not very expensive.
In Tanzania it is another thing entirely. 

-The pediatric eye specialist is at a hospital 70 km from her home.

-The eye patches she needs to wear are financially impossible for her family, living on the wages of a part-time butcher and his illiterate wife, who sells socks in the market to feed their 3 children.

-A child who is untreated for this condition becomes the object
of bullying in her village, and may never learn to read.

Pamoja Project has set up a crowdfunding site for Lilian's care
on gofundme.com. We need to raise $500- and I think it is going to be easy with a community that includes you. This small sum will cover quarterly visits to the specialist and the eye patches for 1 year.

Please click on this link: gofundme.com/2kkh2drw
       and put A Twinkle in Lilian's Eyes.
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