They Created the Rice and Beans Fund

I've already told you a bit about our wonderful volunteer group, right?

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Well, as soon as Santa Feans Lance and Teresa witnessed the effects of unresolved food insecurity on one of our Pamoja families, they immediately came up with an idea.
Lance christened it The Rice and Beans Fund.

The idea was to maintain sacks of  rice and beans in the WAMATA office for those families who truly have nothing to eat, and no way to deal with emergency food shortages.
Our group contributed more than $300 on the spot, which Pamoja Project has matched. The sacks of food are already in the office, and Mary is in charge of distributing it, monitoring the progress of our most needy families, and letting me know who might be in need of more assistance.

If you are interested in contributing to the Rice and Beans Fund, just click on the link below and choose the box on our donation page.
Thanks for all you do!