Experience has taught 3rd world development workers that our job, really, is to listen. Once we understand what people need to help themselves, the way becomes clear.
— Carol Parker, Founder & Executive Director


Pamoja Project offers a full spectrum of programs to mediate the effects of multi-dimensional poverty - a term developed by the United Nations to mean those who not only suffer from the lack of money, but also deficits in health, education, and opportunity.

  • P&G Childrens' Safe Drinking Water Project Partner

  • Orphan Sponsorships

  • Vocational Training for Teenaged Girls and Boys

  • Support for Vulnerable Families affected by HIV/AIDS

  • Infrastructure Development for Schools and Communities

  • Income Generation Projects

  • Village Community Banking Associations (VICOBA)

  • Community Collaboration

Many of our programs focus on the needs of children and teens. In a country where 51% of the population is under 18 years old, putting our efforts into developing the capabilities of youth makes sense.


Pamoja Project offers a unique multifaceted approach to improving the quality of life for vulnerable children and families in Tanzania, including those whose lives have been impacted by HIV/AIDS.

All photography provided by Carol Parker, Craig Hale and Catherine Monserrat