While we can never really know the answer to that question, the Pamoja Project has a few ideas...

Free Clinic for Ambureni Village:


Ambureni is an area with 20,000 residents and not one health facility. The central village has a plot of land on which to build but no funds with which to do so. We hope to complete the building in 2016, at which time the Tanzanian government will recruit and pay a doctor as well as provide all the necessary supplies.

Welding Training for Teen Boys


Our tailoring training for girls has been successfully turning out graduates ready to support themselves since 2006. Now it is time to develop a welding course for teen boys who are not able to complete secondary school. Welding is a highly employable trade since all buildings in Tanzania have metal bars on doors and windows.

Mentoring Program and Career Days

After 12 years of orphan sponsorships we have some very successful students who are willing and able to become mentors to other children in their communities. We'd like to develop a mentoring program that encourages each one to help others with everything from academics to ideas for living a healthy productive life.

In addition, we hope to introduce the 12-18 year olds to employment options with which they might not be familiar through a series of field trips and guest speakers.

More Post-Secondary Opportunities

Community Center

With no recreation, sport center, or library within many kilometers of home, local children and youth have nowhere to relax, socialize, or get help with homework. We imagine a community center that sponsors safe recreational activities as well as learning support - including a computer lab.

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