With Perseverance, Hope


Rehema (23) and her twin sisters (14) are orphans. For the last several years, Rehema has held a good job at a supermarket and was able to provide for herself and her little sisters.

But with the economic downturn in the Tanzanian economy, the supermarket was forced to let ½ of its workforce go.

Rehema turned to hair braiding as a source of income. She faced another effect of the poor economy- women were shaving their heads to avoid the cost of hair care. If this were your life, would you be able to smile so openly ? (see below)

And yet, the room the 3 women share is clean, shoes carefully lined up on a rack, posters on the wall, bed neatly made. It is obvious that there is pride here- pride of place, pride of perception, pride of accomplishment.

Christina and Veronica are at the top of their secondary school class, and clearly spoke in English as we discussed their life. Their uniforms are spotless, their smiles radiant. 

Only when we pushed did they reveal that they have had only one meal each day this week. Porridge. Corn porridge. Rehema, Christina, and Veronica have hope.

They also have Pamoja Project.

If you are interested in helping to support these exceptional young women until they are back on their feet, please call or email Carol.