Training Tailors Since 2005

Yup, our tailoring training course has been offered to teens who have had to stop formal education since 2005!

Here's an update on the progress of the program.

It's so wonderful to know that in 8-10 months of training teens can be supporting themselves with the skills learned in our tailoring program. The current class is 21 students, 2 to a sewing machine.

Here students show me the skirts they are working on as practice.


Oh my goodness, Neema. Your dress is gorgeous. Did you make it?


I made plans to meet with Neema, one of the kids who has been sponsored for some years through Pamoja. She is HIV+, did not pass her national exam to attend secondary school, and last year entered our Tailoring Training Program. Now she works from a rented veranda, sewing a variety of items for local residents. I am awed by how beautifully she determined the layout of her dress so that the design was strategically placed.

Way to go, Neema!