When Is A Chair Not Just A Chair?

Answer: When it is a means to selling locally made items instead of imported ones.

Two chairs, side by side.

OK, so you probably figured out that the one on the left was made by our students because it is unfinished and needs some work, the one on the right imported from China.

But our welding teacher is showing our students how to be local competitors for widely sought items once they begin their welding careers. It's not just about gates and window frames, but furniture, too.

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A Special Shout-out to Alice Riley

Do you see the cocky way Ibrahim is wearing that super-cool welding helmet? It's thanks to Alice Riley of the UK, who participated in a charity run with proceeds from her efforts going to purchase welding helmets for our students.

Safety is an often overlooked aspect of work here in Tanzania, and Alice is helping keep our kids in one piece.

Thanks, Alice!

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