Many Children, Many Paths

It is always wonderful to watch children grow and develop over time. As the kids in the Pamoja Project have gotten older, their unique interests and abilities have become more apparent.

While all of them attend school, they exhibit a variety of interests and abilities. For example, we are seeing several of our secondary students begin to make choices for their futures. Some can graduate and attend university. This week, we got the news that Alfa has completed his national service obligations and will qualify for pre-medical school.

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Other graduates are currently attending training institutes, which offer good opportunities to find employment. Neema is in teacher's college. Mesca is being trained as a medical equipment technician. Gifti, enrolled in the same training college, is studying Community Development. With this training, she can find employment as a community social worker.


We have also been interested that two of our young teens have shown a strong affinity for animal husbandry. John is still in school and doing well. At the same time, he has already taken the initiative to raise rabbits. On his own, John built his first hutch. We plan to have someone teach him how to construct a larger, more secure version, adding to his skill base

Alice was not able to continue in school due to difficult health challenges. She loves to raise poultry and has been quite serious about selling chicks and eggs to her neighbors and at the market. We will help supply materials for a larger banda (coop) so that she can continue to expand her business.

Our sponsored children are growing up. We are delighted to see the various paths these young people choose to follow. With continued Pamoja Project support and encouragement, we believe these children will become independent and productive.