Back in Tanzania - August 2017

Hello there. I’m in Tanzania with Catherine Monserrat, board member and Pamoja Project collaborator. This trip, Catherine will be our guest blogger, photographer, providing insights from the road.
— Carol Parker
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Gratitude from Tanzania

Yesterday, Carol and I travelled with staff to a remote village where Pamoja Project has supported 2 primary schools. While we travelled along the dirt roads, I was struck by the barren terrain and the great distances between dwellings.

Water is very scarce, and what little they have is stored in man-made “ponds” shared by the people and their livestock.

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The water is not clean, and the people often suffer from water-borne disease. The schools don’t have running water so the young children walk long distances to school, carrying water in buckets on their heads. This is so difficult. Yet, like all children, they want to go to school to learn and to grow. 

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Each of the schools has around 500 students. So how were we able to help? First, with safe drinking water. Pamoja Project has purchased large storage tanks that can hold the contaminated water the children carry to school, which can then be treated with the purification agent our safe drinking water project, supported by Proctor & Gamble, provides. Most recently, the schools were threatened with closure by government authorities because their old, inadequate latrines were full. We are pleased to report that with Pamoja’s support, both schools could build new latrines.

During our visit, I was filled with a sense of awe as I visited giggling children in clean uniforms, happy to be in their classrooms even after trekking 7 kilometers or more to school with a heavy bucket on their heads. I feel deeply grateful for the opportunity to have a direct experience of the good that has come from the support so many of you have extended to these kids.

As we were leaving one of the schools, a young teacher took both of my hands. “You must hear me, “he said. “My heart is filled with gratitude for all of you who have cared about us. We appreciate the help you have given our children….so much, so very much.” And so, I extend his sentiments on to you. Deepest gratitude from the other side of the world. 


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