Are You Tired of Hearing About Toilets?

Well, it is a messy subject :)

International best practices suggest a WASH program (Water, Sanitation, Hygiene) at every school. While this isn't always practical, we decided to supplement our safe drinking water program at the 2 schools in the Masaii lands of Mswakini with support for the sanitation and hygiene pieces.

First Step? New toilets. With school censuses in the 5-600 range, the 4 little cement outhouses were not adequate for student use- and they were nearly full to boot. Village leaders are overjoyed with Pamoja Project support, and every family will participate in digging the trenches and carrying water to make the cement. 

We'll do a 4-holer for boys and one for girls at each school. Buying materials and hiring local laborers will be a small but meaningful supplement to the local economy as well.

Update on Lillian

Many of you remember, and supported, a year of eye patches for Lilian, the little girl with crossed eyes. When her specialist decided the patches weren't really working, he scheduled her for surgery. In the 2 weeks since her operation, Lilian's vision has improved and everyone is elated by the result. 

She doesn't look like she is as happy as the adults- maybe because I took her thumb out of her mouth to take this photo!