Art for Ambureni School

What can you do to enhance a dull cinder block wall in an elementary school half way around the world? 

As Pamoja Project board members and close friends who paint together, the two of us decided to take on this challenge.

Before even putting paint to paper, we had fun researching all kinds of ideas:
what might interest first graders... what images would engage them... what animals might they recognize. And, in the process, we learned some Swahili words!
watoto pamoja = children together
usomaji ni furaha = reading is fun

Nancy was eager to paint images which encouraged children to create their own drawings. Catherine had another concern - how to carry our artwork in her luggage. 

When Catherine arrived, everyone was thrilled with the colorful paintings. 

A typical Tanzanian class size is 100 students with 1 teacher and 1 assistant.
In order for a student to attend public school, they are required to have a uniform and bring their own supplies. Thanks to Pamoja Project donors and sponsors, many children are able to get an education that would otherwise be unavailable.

And now we realize that there are plenty more walls to fill!

Catherine Monserrat and Nancy Dean Kreger