An Amazing Week in Tanzania

An amazing week has just ended.
Our group of 16 Americans painted a new classroom inside and out, cleaned and reorganized the "school library" that had textbooks from the 80's and report cards as old as 1996, provided a rendering of the solar system on the exterior wall of the school for general reference, and hosted an amazing party with food, balloons, music, dancing and fellowship for 100 Pamoja Project children and family members. Today I will just share a few of my favorite photos of the week.

Roy teaches Victa, Jehovah, and cousins how to draw a bird.

Painters work with William to paint the exterior of the classroom.

Norm completes the solar system he and Catherine designed.
How do you say Saturn in Swahili? (they did it in both languages)

   Peeling garlic for the feast. 

Judy dancing with a buddy.
We've had an incredible time together, and I think both Tanzanians and Americans have learned a lot. I will share more photos and notes from the trip in the days to come.