Hitting the Ground Running in Tanzania

Hello Everyone-
I arrived in Tanzania on Sunday night and have been racing against the clock ever since. What is my deadline? We have 16 intrepid Pamoja Project adventurers arriving on Tuesday, March 2nd.

The staff and I have been working feverishly on a full schedule of activities that will include a visit to the construction site of the new clinic, volunteer projects ranging from painting a classroom to teaching English at Ambureni Primary School, as well as hosting a party for 100 or more orphans and their caretakers on Saturday.

Before departure, Catherine Monserrat and Nancy Kreger, board members, painted colorful learning enhancements to be hung in the kindergarten classroom we will be rehabbing.

It's been heartening watching staff quickly take responsibility for each of their parts in making this visit remarkable. Olais is setting up 4 days of home visits, Mary is coordinating food, tents, and chairs for the party, Shukuru is planning to have the volunteers experience what it is like to have to treat drinking water every day, and Emmanuel, the Program Coordinator, keeps saying "this is just wonderful".

Clinic foundation being built. Men AND women are construction workers.

This experience confirms what I already know: We have the best staff in all Tanzania. Committed, cheerful, generous. And we have board members who are not only committed, but talented and creative beyond my wildest dreams. I can't ask for anything more- although I would have preferred to have had a few more days to prepare for the volunteers!