In the Land of the Masaii......

On Monday, carrying apples, water, and trail mix from Trader Joes, the staff and I made the 2.5 hour drive to our safe drinking water project in Masaii land. This project is one of the 3 our staff operates, using volunteers who distribute the Proctor and Gamble Safe Drinking Water Treatment to more than 400 households in each area in exchange for $18/month and a t-shirt (see above- it's the P/G logo for their Children's Safe Drinking Water Program).

The difference in this project is that the volunteers living in this remote, arid location travel miles between households, usually on foot.

Meeting under a tree on the grounds of the primary school, here is one group of volunteers who assembled to hand in their distribution reports and discuss successes and challenges. Most speak Swahili, the national language of Tanzania, but we are lucky that Olais, one of the program managers, is of Masaii parentage and speaks the Masaii language. 

After the administrative issues are completed, the volunteers collect a month's worth of the water treatment packets.

Do you think you could master the skill necessary to balance 3 boxes like this? I know I never will- no matter how long I practice.
We are so proud that Proctor and Gamble asked Pamoja Project to take over this much-needed project when the previous international organization terminated their projects in Tanzania. It is a testament to the skill and trustworthiness of our team on the ground, and the strength of our commitment to Tanzanians in need, whether living near and far.